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Fists in Solidarity

Partners & Intermediaries

We share the challenges and opportunities faced by insurance brokers, agents, and other

intermediaries in today’s dynamic market. In addition to open market and single-risk

placements we support for many intermediaries, brokers and partners globally, we are also committed to providing tailored solutions that enhance our partners offerings, streamline their operations, and ultimately benefit their clients. Our expanding suite of services, backed by our expertise and innovative approach, is designed to support your growth and success.


Under Maple Underwriting capabilities, our global

partners benefit from;

  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio Access a wide range of insurance products and benefit from our specialized programs designed to meet the unique needs of diverse client segments.

  • Expert Underwriting Leverage our deep underwriting expertise for accurate, efficient risk assessment and pricing. Enjoy flexible underwriting approach that enables you to serve your clients effectively and competitively.

  • Streamlined Claims Management Our efficient, compassionate claims handling process ensures your clients receive prompt and fair settlements. Benefit from our innovative claims technology that simplifies reporting and tracking where possible.

  • Advanced Technology Solutions  We aim to utilise our platform for seamless policy management wherever possible. From quotation to policy issuance. Access real-time data and analytics to improve client service.

  • Dedicated Support and Training Receive unparalleled support from our team of industry experts dedicated to your success. Take advantage of training and development programs to stay ahead in the market.

With this focus in mind and dedicated intermediaries and partners approach, we formed our

MGA branch, Maple Underwriting.

We believe in building strong, collaborative relationships with our intermediaries and partners.

Join Us

Discover the difference of partnering with us and let us help you expand your offerings, streamline your operations, and achieve unparalleled success. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions for intermediaries and partners.

Learn More: Explore our website for detailed information on our products and services.

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