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Political Violence 

Trusted Expertise

We provide bespoke insurance solutions to protect your business against the unpredictable nature of political violence. With years of expertise and a deep understanding of global markets, our team is dedicated to offering comprehensive coverage that meets your unique needs. Whether you're facing risks from terrorism, civil unrest, or geopolitical conflicts, we're here to ensure your investments remain secure.

Our Solutions 

 Tailored insurance solutions designed to protect against losses resulting from acts of terrorism, wars, coups, insurrections, and civil unrest.

Coverage Highlights

  • Terrorism Insurance: Protection against damage or loss caused by terrorist acts. 

  • War and Civil War Insurance: Covers losses from declared and undeclared wars, including civil war scenarios. 

  • Civil Commotion and Riot Coverage: Safeguards assets against damage caused by riots and widespread public disturbances. 

  • Insurrection, Revolution, or Coup d'Etat Coverage: Offers financial protection against losses stemming from attempts to overthrow the government. 

  • Sabotage and Terrorism: Comprehensive coverage against sabotage-related losses.

Why Choose Us?


Vast experience in political violence risk assessment. 

Custom Solutions

Policies tailored to your specific risk exposure and business needs.

Global Network

Access to a worldwide network of claims specialists ready to assist you.

It all starts with a chat...

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