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Speciality & Affinity Solutions 

Specialty and complex insurance products are designed to address the unique and intricate risks that standard insurance policies may not adequately cover. These solutions cater to the specific needs of businesses and individuals operating in specialized industries or facing unusual or high-risk scenarios.  


These specialized insurance solutions often encompass a range of products, ensuring a comprehensive risk management approach. By customizing coverage, we can source protection against the nuanced and potentially devastating financial impacts of unique risks, thereby enabling businesses to operate with greater confidence and security. 


The development and provision of specialty and complex insurance solutions require a deep understanding of the specific industries and risk landscapes involved. This expertise allows for the implementation of policies that are not only precisely tailored to the clients' needs but also priced accordingly to reflect the actual risk level. Furthermore, additional value is usually provided through risk management advice and loss prevention services, helping clients minimize their exposure to potential losses.  


The dynamic nature of risks, especially in fast-evolving sectors like technology and renewable energy, underscores the importance of these specialized insurance solutions. They offer a crucial safety net, enabling innovation and growth by mitigating the financial risks associated with pioneering in uncharted territories or engaging in high-stakes projects. 

Whether your aim is to gain competitive advantage through enhanced customer loyalty and increased retention rates, or for potential revenue generation, our dedicated team will work with you to understand your requirements, and your relationships with your members, customers and supporters, to design and deliver a dynamic, forward thinking and cost-effective affinity insurance solution that fits with your organisation seamlessly. 

Armoured with our expert knowledge across all sectors and industries, as well as a carefully selected panel of leading underwriters, we have the credentials to cater to your requirements. We will work with you, sharing our expertise not only in insurance and risk management, but in services including the administration, sales and marketing of the affinity insurance scheme around the world. 

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Some of Our Prestigious Affinity Programs Include; 

  • Credit Card benefits 

  • Loyalty Card benefits 

  • Added Value enhancements 

  • Member’s Association/Club schemes 

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